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Building true mass adoption for Web3

Building True
Mass Adoption
for Web3​

The future of community is decentralized.​

The most trusted and smartest way to create value for all.​

Our Core vision

We believe in the power of community, equality, reliability and blockchain to build a better tomorrow for everyone.​


Is the Future​

We empower people around​

the world to build bigger​

and better future.​


Is the Foundation​

We value the reliability as ​
a foundation for higher ​


Is Limitless​

We welcome anyone with​

ideas and passion to create​
value to people everywhere.​

For Equality

We build ecosystem for ​
mass adoption of blockchain ​technology that brings more ​
value to people.​

Web3 Solutions

Blockchain is the new buzzword everyone seems to be talking about. Brands are racing to get onto the center of new technology. However, with so many new projects and web3 solution coming up everyday, how can you stand out?​

Y&S Corporation provides all-round Web3 solutions for different projects from a fresh-new blockchain startup to  a solid corporate strategically expanding into blockchain industry. The web3 solutions include but not limited to Eco-system Consulting, Dapp Development, Blockchain Infrastructure, and more.​

Y&S Corporation

Get Involved​


Changing people’s lives
and the world​

Don’t forget to stay tuned in our loop for more stories about Y&S and our mission to build a stronger community.​

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